San Jose, California
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I was placing order today for two gifts of cookies and brownies. Same order just two separate products.

Before paying, Total was 51.xx, for EACH item, there was two different fees, one for 12.99 standard shipping, and 9.99 for October 20th ship date. That seems a bit ridiculous do you not think? $23 PER item shipped despite the fact it was same address ship to and one full order. Not two separate orders.

I will not order from them. I will make my own basket and save at LEAST $70 to deliver and create myself. Insane that the shipping is almost equal to the items. Come to think of it, $23 for 9 Brownies and a tin of cookies was 27.99.

I understand the work behind the packaging. But come on! I do not mind the cost of the items. But that shipping???

Really???? I am so sorry.

Love your items, but the shipping cost should NOT even remotely be that high. One fee for one full order when sent to same address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sharis Berries Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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