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I live in GA and my mother lives in FL. I rarely get to see her.

She rarely gets to see her grandkids. After seeing the Sari's Berries commercials on TV, I figured this would be a great way to say Happy Mothers Day from her grandchildren. Maybe I should have read all of the bad reviews before I placed 2 orders. I was told it would arrive on Thursday or Friday.

When I called their customer service after 6pm, they told me they didnt recognize the address. BUT not once did anyone from Shari's Berries call me to verify the address. Apparently they just didnt care. Then they said "We attempted to deliver at 2:06pm, but no one was there by that name." Again, no one ever called me or my mother (listed as a person to call in the event of a problem).

They just didnt deliver. Let me inform you that this is a place of business. A clinic. A pediatric clinic.

Me, as her son, knows everyone in her office and every one in her office know me and knew I was surprising her. So IF they attempted to deliver, there are tons of people in the office that know her and me and know that I was sending her something. Shari's Berries had me on hold for 43 minutes of the one hour long call. All they could say was "We're sorry, we wish there was something we can do." Even after I voiced my anger about how I rarely see my mother and this was the perfect way from me and my children to say "Happy Mothers Day", all they offered me was a refund.

Then to add insult to injury, they say "we can attempt to redeliver on next Wednesday (3 days after Mothers Day). This was a huge was of excitement, money and time. I am officially never doing business with Shari's Berries again.

The last thing I will say is "Hey Shari's Berries... thanks for ruining a very special day for my mother from her grandchildren."

Product or Service Mentioned: Sharis Berries Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Well we had a problem buthat we spent 2 hours working our way up the ladder and not only got it delivered it was alost free. I suggest you you and ask to speak to a manager in the USA

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