For Mother's day my husband ordered a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries for me. The picture on there website showed delicious chocolate covered berries with red tops and the green stem showing.

When my order arrived, the berries were semi melted and sweating in the box. Plus they were totally covered in chocolate. When I cut one in half it revealed a strawberry with stem attached and the berry was a greenish white NOT ripe and definitely not even close, in appearance, to the pictures on the website. My husband complained and asked for a refund and they refused, saying they would really like us to have the real "Shari's Berries experience" and wild send a new shipment.

6 days later another box arrived and was in even worse shape than the first. Chocolate was melting off and the berries still NOT ripe. So we called again and FINALLY got out refund. We asked why the berries looked NOTHING like the berries on their website and they said "those are hand dipped berries and cost extra (nowhere on the site was this even mentioned!) Then she proceeds to tell us that they don't even sell the hand dipped ones anymore!!

DO NOT buy anything from this site.

They are very deceitful I'm what they show and I'm what is actually sent!! Classic "bait and switch"!!

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