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I spent over 3 hours trying to order from these guys, back & forth between the online ordering system & customer service by telephone. I am IT for the military.

Their system is absolutely useless. It would not accept 3 of the addresses I input & kept looking back to the screen that inputs the suggested address in a different format. I selected their "corrected" address & it just kept looping back to that same screen. I then attempted to select the option to simply stay with my input version of the address & it did the same & just kept looping back.

I contacted customer service via chat multiple times where they suggested I restart my computer, etc. Likely this issue is NOT my computer, but their online ordering system. Well, I went ahead & followed instruction & restarted anyway. Upon loggon back in, I was forced to input addresses for all 5 recipients of the gifts I was sending out again.

Long story short, all of the suggestions that the chat help desk have me had me input all 5 addresses 8 TIMES!!! I was also prompted to contact customer service over the phone. The first lady I spoke with spoke such terrible english that I couldn't understand her & she couldn't understand me though I speak very clear english & slowly spelled everything out for her! The next lady I spoke with was kind & spoke a little better english.

However, after apending over 30 minutes spelling out every little but of all 5 addresses & giving her most all of the information, we were disconnected. These guys do not take your phone number or call back when that happens. I called back YET AGAIN & asked for a manager. After a little run around from the inital answering associate, I was put on hold & then a few minutes later the manager came on.

I told him everything & then he persisted to tell me that he would take my order. I asked him if he could take my number before we get started so that another 30 minutes to an hour of my time is not wasted. He stated that they do not have that capability & would not he able to call me back. Clearly these guys are an overseas outsourced answering service with associates that hardly speak english.

At this point, I decided tp cut my losses, I wasn't about to waste even more of my time, & told him I will take my business elsewhere.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME WITH THIS COMPANY. This was an absolute waste of my time & my company will take its business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sharis Berries Website.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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